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Elvis, Elvis, Elvis was created in 1979 and officially sanctioned by Elvis Presley Estates in 1982.

Elvis, Elvis, Elvis is the brainchild of producer Les Vogt, who was the manager for legendary recording star Roy Orbison when his famous client had to have triple by-pass heart surgery in 1978 and a last minute replacement was required for a booking at the Boom Boom Club in Waikiki, Hawaii.

Dick Clark had just featured the latest new phenomenon on his TV  show…  8 different Elvis impersonators. Vogt contacted Clark and booked the best Elvis from the show and Bobby Greer from Portland, OR replaced Orbison for a month long engagement in Hawaii. The entire month was sold-out at the 700 seat venue which came as a complete surprise to everyone. It was there that Vogt realized the potential of Elvis tributes and envisioned a touring show with 3 different Elvis performers each performing a different era of the King’s career. In thinking of a name for his new show, Vogt got the idea from a popular movie playing in Hawaii at the time - “Tora! Tora! Tora!”

Elvis, Elvis, Elvis has been touring world-wide ever since. Obviously, the Elvis performers have changed many times since 1979, but the cast has always featured only the best of the best Elvis tribute artists on the planet performing with the legendary Memphis Beats… Uptown Hornz & TCB Singers.

Elvis Presley rises from the dead three times during each performance. The resurrections come in the form of  3 world-class Elvis impersonators - each playing a different era of the King's career.  The first of which is the 1950’s hip-swiveling superstar of the early years complete with blue suede shoes, twitching lip and slicked back pompadour hair.

The middle man in the show portrays the sexy, leather suited performer who always heightens the anxiety level of an already excited audience. A couple of female singers are added for background and the on-stage interaction gets noticeably upbeat.

By the time the King and his jumpsuit arrive on stage, the Uptown Hornz (3 pce horn section) are added to the stage. The signature jump-suit costume and big-voice often carry the illusion to the point where the girls literally smother him with hugs and kisses when he leaves the stage to sing to individuals in the audience. Many of them will receive a souvenir scarf a-la Elvis’ token of appreciation for his throng of adoring fans.

Most of the audience has likely never had the opportunity of seeing Elvis perform live. This show is about as close to the real thing as they’re ever going to see. Elvis, Elvis, Elvis has been touring world-wide since 1979 and while the headline performers change from time to time... the show  always features only the best  of the best Elvis performers in the world. You couldn’t ask for anything more.

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